As with most Audio Artist besides my own material I use many different sources to create my sound sculptures, audioscapes, whatever you wish to call them.. On this page you will find links to many of those pages, some with free downloads, some not.. but all have some varied and interesting art on offer.


Bret Hart

The most recent artist I have worked with. Bret has lots of interesting audio art available on the Internet Archives site, to many for me to list them all here, but I will add some links from his Duet Series..

Bret Hart and David Wortman
Bret Hart and John Jasnoch
Bret Hart and Ken Hyder
Bret Hart and Ben Horrendous
Bret Hart and Amy Denio
Bret Hart and Eric Wallack

Bret also has a great art space on facebook worth a visit..

Bret Harold Hart’s ArtSpace


Other Artist I have featured in my own work and are very much worth a visit are:

Amy Denio (born June 9, 1961) is a Seattle (USA)-based multi-instrumental composer of soundtracks for modern dance, film and theater, as well as a songwriter and musicimproviser. Often called an unclassifiable avant-garde jazz musician, she is also deeply inspired by world music. She is probably best known as a vocalist, accordionist and saxophone-player. Among her current musical involvements are The Tiptons Sax Quartet(formerly The Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet) and Die Resonanz Stanonczi, a radical folk group based in Salzburg, Austria. She has also collaborated repeatedly with thePat Graney Dance Company, David Dorfman Dance Company, Victoria Marks, and with many other choreographers.

Amy Denio

Ken Hyder (born 29 June 1946) is a Scottish jazz fusion drummer and percussionist born in Dundee, Scotland, perhaps best known for combining folk, ethnic and Celtic music with jazz. He has worked with and recorded with many musicians, including Elton Dean, Chris Biscoe, Tim Hodgkinson, Paul Rogers, Maggie Nicols, Don Paterson and Frankie Armstrong.
He also worked with Dick Gaughan, Vladimir Rezitsky, Phil Minton, the Scottish Lindsay Cooper, Sainkho Namtchylak, Jo’burg Hawk, Marcio Mattos, Jim Dvorak, John Edwards, Davie Webster, John Rangecroft, Radik Tyulyush, Julian Bahula, Lucky Ranku, Valentina Ponomareva, Larry Stabbins, Harry Beckett, Art Themen, Gary Windo, Pete McPhail, Keith Tippett, Harry Miller, Nick Evans, Raymond Macdonald, Ntshuks Bonga, Hamish Henderson, Jon Dobie, and Lello Colombo.
Hyder has been playing and composing music for over 40 years. In that time he’s produced over three dozen albums of highly original material. He began playing jazz in Scotland before moving south to London where he played at the legendary Little Theatre Club – an avant garde haunt run by the late John Stevens.

Ken Hyder

Greg Segal

Eric Wallack

There is also Don Campau, one of my oldest friends in the world of underground music, Don himself has been recording for many years now and founder of The Living Archive, a site really worth visiting

The Living Archive

A link here to a early interview I had included into the Living Archive, the soundclick link will no longer work, they messed with my art, so I up and left 🙂 Arzathon Interview

Paul Rance and Andy Bruce also have a varied history in this underground artscene Poetry, music, etc, but notably the Peace and Freedom Press & Band

Peace & Freedom Press are a British small press based in Whaplode Drove, and was co-founded by Paul Rance in 1985. Peace & Freedom magazine, also launched in 1985, remains its oldest title, and was originally a poetry and music fanzine. Early issues featured the likes of Chumbawamba, Paul McCartney, Wilfred Owen, and, oddly, Nick Berry, when he was in EastEnders. Peace & Freedom magazine evolved into a more poetry orientated publication, and now also contains the odd short story and essay. The underground anarcho rock band The Peace & Freedom Band were an offshoot of the publishing arm.

The Press Link

And for those interested in checking out the Peace and Freedom Band

Franco Falsini
Another great artist I have worked with who has beeen around for some time now, an innovator on the Italian music scene with an impressive track record.

The Guardian

Sensations’ Fix was an Italian progressive rock/electronic musical ensemble led by Franco Falsini.
Falsini, born in Italy, moved to Virginia in 1969, where he set up a basement studio and experimented with a Moog and four-track taping before returning to Italy to form a band. The group signed with Polydor Records in 1974 to a five-year, six-album contract.
In 2002, DJ Shadow sampled Sensations’ Fix on the tracks “Fixed Income” and “Mongrel…Meets His Maker” from The Private Press, and in 2008 Sonic Youth titled one of their art exhibitions “Sensational Fix”.
Sensations’ Fix music remained out of print for many years, but in 2011, Naso Fredo was reissued by the Spectrum Spools label. ] In 2012, RVNG Records reissued some Sensations’ Fix material along with alternate mixes and unreleased tracks on the compilation Music Is Painting in the Air (1974-1977).

Cold Nose

Phil Ogison

Somebody I’ve Been working with for a number of years now, both on my solo projects but also on Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste projects.. Phil has been playing guitars since 1970, but began his musical journey as a drummer in 1966. He was also interested in electronic music and experimented with sound generators and circuit bent electric organs. Played in weekend bands and later in a club circuit band. In 1973 he bought his first commercial synthesizer, a Roland SH2 and continued to explore the worlds of Music Synthesis, developing both guitar stylings and synthesizer elements. This has become an ongoing mode of development. Has played in approximately 20 bands over the past 35 years and currently the guitarist and synthesist/writer/arranger for AMOEBA STARFISH, a duo which also includes Jeff Howard on Wavedrum, E-Drums, percussion/synth programming and Multi-Media Arts.
Amoeba Starfish being one of those
Amoeba Starfish

You can also find Phil on Reverbnation

Amoeba Starfish are also on Reverbnation Here

Belinda Subramen

Another of my oldest friends from the art underground, from the days when it all happened on cassette, 4 tracks, or better for those able to finance recording equitment.. she was around at the beginning of the Heavy Metal Vampires on Nuclear Waste projects and there for the ressurection some 10 years later..

Belinda also has an extensive background in writing and publishing.
While living in Germany in the 1980s Belinda began Gypsy Literary Magazine and Sanctuary Tape Series where she published writings and vocal performances of poets from many countries. Sanctuary ran about 6 years and Gypsy for 10 years before its resurrection in 2004. She also published many books under the VERGIN PRESS imprint including VOCES FRONTERIZAS, writings based on life on the U.S./Mexican border sponsored by the El Paso Public Library as well as THE GULF WAR: MANY PERSPECTIVES, EARTH TONES, IMAGES OF JIM MORRISON and HENRY MILLER AND MY BIG SUR DAYS.
Belinda’s own writing has grown to span a vast array of subjects, styles and publications. She has traveled in over 20 countries, lived in Europe for 6 years and was part of an East Indian family for 22 years. These cross-cultural experiences often inform her work as well as her experiences as a Registered Nurse. These days her poetry, stories, and art can be found in hundreds of journals, reviews, anthologies, books and chapbooks. Since 1994 her archives are housed at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, in the Center for Southwest Research.
Belinda balances her life as a writer and RN by painting, sculpting and political activism. She was a Texas delegate to the First National Green Party Convention in 2000, on the Texas Green Party State Executive Committee from 2001-2003 and the El Paso County Green Party Co-chair from 2000-2004. Currently she is politically independent and only works with peace groups. In short, she loves to create with her hands and her mind.
Since 2005 she has hosted The Gypsy Art Show Podcast  and Blog which features interviews with poets, authors, musicians and activists. Her shows can be found at Belinda Subraman Presents, through subscription at itunes and other digital directories.

Belinda Subramen

Sketches from the Afterlife

First Contact

Passing Time


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